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Compaan Design provides innovative services for accelerating execution of compute-intensive applications. Existing software is accelerated and integrated on specialized high-performance stream-based compute systems. Compaan Design delivers its customers a complete solution that differences in performance, quality, and time-to-market. This is realized through a unique and innovative C-to-Dataflow approach that has been developed over many years in European high-tech R&D programs.


Whether accelerating a small design for an SME or designing a multi-FPGA system for a large corporation, Compaan Design has proven to be a reliable technological partner for achieving high performance qualitative results.

About Compaan Design

Compaan Design is a spin-out from University Leiden, the oldest university from the Netherlands (founded in 1575). The technology of Compaan Design is the result of many years of focused research under the supervision of prof. Ed Deprettere and Dr. Bart Kienhuis. Prof Deprettere is a distinguished IEEE Fellow, who has many years of experience with mapping signal processing applications to hardware. He has supervised many research projects (national and international) in this field and gained an extensive expertise in this area. Dr. Kienhuis has been a researcher at Philips Research and the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Kienhuis has extensive knowledge on design methodologies for programmable platforms and system level design.

Exploiting Parallelism
Modern FPGAs provide enormous amounts of exploitable parallels that will only increase in time. Compaan's C-to-Dataflow compiler provides a unique flow to exploit this parallelism using Dataflow.
C-to-Dataflow Compiler
Compaan's unique C-to-Dataflow compiler leads to dataflow design on FPGAs that are low-latency, real-time and low power. The obtained designs are perfect for processing large amounts of data in real-time.
C-style Programming flow for FPGAs
The biggest problems with FPGAs is the programming flow is different from Software. Compaan provides a flow enabling a software programmer to program a one or more FPGAs system like software.
System Level integration
Running a design on an FPGA requires a programmed FPGA, an interaction with the outside world and control to change parameters, processing options or view results. Compaan provides a single integrated view.
Build on Open Standards
Compaan uses open standards like ISO-C and IEEE 1685 (IP-XACT) to define and describe its designs obtained from C code. This means results can integrate easily with any C-compiler or hardware design flow.
Seamless with High Level Synthesis
Compaan allows for seamless integration of hand designed IP Cores or IP Cores generated with High-level Synthesis from any EDA Vendor to realize functionality in the dataflow design.

Our Portfolio

A number of cases where Compaan was used.

Medical Imaging

Computed Tomography (CT)

Compaan helped a client to develop hardware implementations of advanced image filters used in CT-scanners. Compaan has shown it can reduce the development time from months to weeks, providing better proof that the designs are without errors, and showed that designs can scale with the continuous upgrade of FPGA technology. Compaan has also shown it is able to handle the image processing at real-time including the runtime configuration of the image processing pipeline over PCI Express.

Computed Tomography (CT)

Compaan helped a client to accelerate a Matlab application improving the image quality for CT-scanners from 5 minutes execution time to 0.1 second. Due to this acceleration, the application could be used to process 3D images in real time instead of taking 30 hours when running in Matlab.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Compaan helped a client to develop a complete 2D full image FFT/IFFT filter bank which is at the core of medical MRI applications on a high-end FPGA. The application was developed and tested in C-code and mapped on a FPGA using vendor specific IP cores.

Video Processing

Compaan has developed a generic setup (HW and SW) in which HD images can be processed on a FPGA using the Compaan technology, allowing for real-time processing of HD images.


Compaan helped a client to accelerate a C-application in the communications domain 6333 times using an integrated 4 high-end FPGAs board. Instead of months of development time, Compaan was able to run the application in less than one month. In this design, IP core generated with Mentor Graphics CatapultC© compiler technology were seamlessly integrated.

Financial Service Industry

Compaan helped a client in the financial service industry to make high-throughput low-latency hardware designs from C-code based on its unique dataflow formalism. Compaan has shown it can handle real-time processing of 10 Gigabit/s while the algorithms are specified in C-code.


Compaan has realized an hierarchical implementation of the Optical Flow algorithm on a FPGA. The hierarchical design style makes testing and verification of designs much simpler. Also, IP cores developed with the Vivado HLS© compiler technology from Xilinx were seamlessly integrated.

Nondestructive testing (NDT)

Compaan helped a client to upgrade their current NDT product. A new design was realized in 4 months with Compaan while the same design was already under development for 2 years using conventional hardware development approach. The Compaan design was more robust, easier to scale with requirements, and required less power.

Our skills

Compaan Design provides the following services:

  • Acceleration of applications on FPGA architectures
  • Support for Xilinx (ISE/Vivado) and Altera (Quartus-II) design flows
  • Consultancy on FPGA technology, design flows, communication structures
  • Rewrite your C-code to programs the Compaan technology can process
  • Integration of your existing IPs in new designs

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